Monday, June 28, 2010

Shipyard Old Thumper ESP

It may surprise some of you that this is a review of a Shipyard beer without their name on the label. Ringwood is a brewery out of the UK where Shipyard's master brewer learned, so they have rights to make it here in the US for us to enjoy. I'm certainly glad for this because I'm drinking one now and it's a fine.

From the glass this looks exactly like their Export Ale, but as soon as a sense beyond sight can notice this it's quite different. It smells similar to an IPA with a hint of sweet but not like thossuper hoppy ones. The oral experience gets bitter but includes the crisp of hops again. It has a smooth body however and a dry end.

This beer isn't for those accustomed to summer ales and lagers despite the light color and lack of IPA on the label. I like it quite a bit however and am leaving it with a B (good). As a mater of fact it's a house beer for me because I commonly get a twelve pack of it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peace Coffee Guatemalan

After a break from updating Luxurious Liquids due to many moves I felt it was imperative to start again with a fine choice. So I chose a coffee I found excellent from Peace Coffee that was just roasted lighter. So here are my thoughts on a freshly french-pressed Guatemalan bean from Peace Coffee:

Even before tasting it I could tell this wasn't a "light" roast, just lighter than the Guatemalan Dark Roast. It has a great balance of acidity with it strong enough to be noted but nowhere near the point where it can be a little disturbing such as some Columbian coffees. Nutty is the prime note here though. I can smell pecans and peanuts (along with some chocolaty notes like the dark roast), and taste hazelnut. Do NOT let that statement alarm you! It doesn't parallel the flavored 'coffees' labeled French Vanilla. You're left with the chocolate taste in the aftertaste.

"Aahhhhhhhhh" *sigh of pleasure* I give Peace Coffee's Guatemalan a B (good).

I'll be doing this more often now with an internet connection, all of my tea tins, coffee beans, bar-ware, wine rack, and fine liquors (nothing in plastic), unpacked. Beer will be involved as well because I'm in Portland, Maine now and as some of you may have noticed, there are many fine breweries around.