Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Age White

Wow! I don't know about where you are or when you read this, but it's defiantly summer here. Hot, humid, and sunny. After a good workout and discovering I didn't have a sauvignon blanc, I had to go to the local wine shop. My taste buds simply wouldn't compromise for a belgain white beer or half & half (iced tea & lemonade). Note: What I chose is only 10% sauvignon blanc and was shuffled in with South American crisp whites. Read on and you'll see why Quintessential Wines New Age White goes there.

The nose smells strongly of a yellow fruit salad (pineapple, mango, lemon) with a secondary clover honey-like sweetness. It tingles with the sparkle once in your mouth, which works fantastically with the super sweet notes that reappear from the aroma. It is a little citrus dry once swallowed, but this doesn't make it harder to drink at all and just helps keep a balance with the sweetness. Not the same crisp as sauvignon blanc but it covered the base I needed.

I've heard of this wine being served as something like cocktails, and I can't wait to try after the glass I'm working on to review the bottle: Poured over ice with a touch of lime. I'll let readers review that for themselves and leave the New Age White with a B (good) because it's easy to enjoy and not too sugary sweet. Great choice for a party.