Friday, November 11, 2011

Arizona Blueberry White Tea

An Arizona canned or bottled tea seems like an odd choice for this blog, doesn't it? Well this episode is Arizona's blueberry white tea, and I chose it because it's a common choice of me when I'm at a gas station looking for a quick drink. It's my choice not because of all the health propaganda but because it's better than most of the other soda and super-sugared drinks in the drink cooler. Here's why:

The hue of this tea under the label is translucent and pink and I think that proves that it's a white tea. But putting it in your mouth will prove this too because the actual taste of the leaf is light and almost over-powered by the fruit happening here. Obviously blueberry is a big part of the tea but I believe peach exists almost as much! It helps to tie the sugar to the palate so it can fit in with the other sweet drinks it's next to.

I'm not a fan of sweet unless applied in moderate proportions and this tea has a bit too much. It's just far better than the other options because it's acceptable in it's use of the sugar. So I'm leaving it with just a C (decent), but I'd also like to note that any plastic bottle cola would be an F (avoid).