Sunday, November 2, 2014

Funky Bow G-String Pale Ale

Another brewery in Maine? No surprise, because Maine's a mecca of craft-brewing. So when I saw an unrecognizable sixpack in the Maine brew section of the cooler, I had to take a look. Funky Bow, isn't too far from Portland, where so many of Maine's brews are oriented. So Funky Bow needs a tasty one to compete:

Before the G-String hit my lips, I knew it wasn't going to be a typical pale ale of an intensely bitter malt. It wasn't completely clear and had a slight sweetness to the smell. Once on the tongue this sweetness was almost citrusy and floral, but it does have the malts in it that are expected to make a Pale Ale. Just not so much that it's a bitter sipper. The body is crisp in a great way that correlates with the crisp sweetness too. But I wouldn't let this one get too warm. Gets solely bitter.

Even though the day I write this it's snowing, Funky Bow's G-String reminds me of summer. A great taste to cool off by, and it's title made me think of a more visual art that's on the beaches in summer. The g-string. B (good)

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